MIPFormats programme overview

Conferences, screenings, networking

  • The power game between new and legacy players

    From Youku Tudou to Netflix, to Amazon, to YouTube and Facebook: the new players have all joined the entertainment formats industry by launching their own creations or by adapting formats. This has generated both new ideas and processes, and increased budgets and the diffusion of data. Hence, a mix of hope and fear from legacy players who for their part have seen a decrease in their earnings while benefiting from a solid experience in the production of formats and their marketing.

    In the format industry too, the power game between new and legacy players is at its peak: - Who has the best resources to win? - Where are the biggest challenges? - Moreover, what is the winning mix of talent and skills for the formats industry of the future?

    These are some of the questions that will be discussed during this edition of MIPFormats –along with the latest content trends and the business of formats.

    Full conference programme Programme at a glance

  • Key Speakers


    4 innovative formats presented by their producers: get inspired by these international hits!

  • MIPFormats 2019 Programme Highlights

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